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Barryroe Walking Club Meet Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 am in the car park of Courtmacsherry hotel. 

Barryroe Walking Club aim to  promote the interests of mountaineering, walking and rambling activities hereinafter called club activities amongst members of the Club.

To provide an opportunity for members of the Club to meet and participate in club activities together.

To act on behalf of and in the interests of Club members.

To take part in the work and activities of Mountaineering Ireland.

 To Foster the co-operation and respect the goodwill of farmers and landowners.

To promote the principles of the “Leave No Trace Policy”.

To promote the mountaineering Irelands Safeguarding Policy and the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children, with the club.

To promote the development of skills, safety and enjoyment in walking.

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Membership of Barryroe Walking Club Club shall only be open to any members of the public, irrespective of political opinion, nationality or religion, interested in walking, hereinafter referred to as "The Membership".

Members of other Mountaineering Ireland associated clubs are accepted into the club as “Associate members” with a reduced membership subscription.

Membership of the Club shall only be open to individuals who recognize that climbing, mountaineering and Hillwalking are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Members shall be aware of and accept these risks and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement

Club Membership is open to people over and equal to the age of 18 years.

The Committee shall have the right for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of any member or to refuse membership to any potential member provided that the member/potential member concerned has had the right to be heard by the Committee before any decision is taken.

New members shall be permitted to participate in a maximum of 3 walks in one year before there is a requirement to become a full member.

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The Committee shall have the power to amend Club rules. Such rules shall be in accordance with the articles of the Club's Constitution and the policies of Mountaineering Ireland.

Any paid member of the club is entitled to vote at general meetings.

Votes will be decided on a secret ballot.

All walkers must be club members and must register with the walk facilitator before each walk.

All walkers must be wearing suitable gear- the walk facilitators decision must be abided by. Please be realistic about your ability when deciding what walk you are going on.

For everybody’s safety and security those starting out together must stay together during the walk. Group walks as organized are noncompetitive and should be walked as a group. If you are on a walk of a lower grade, than your usual then you must slow down to the slower pace of that grade.

If you go ahead of the Walk Facilitator and group, then you are no longer considered to be part of the group and you are responsible for your own actions and for those who follow you.

Dogs are not allowed on any walk.

Please take home your litter.

Please observe the country code and the I.F.A Farmland code of conduct, remember that the land we use is owned by someone else.

Facilitators appoint sweepers on each walk.

Any person(s) intending to leave the group must notify facilitator/group.

Membership of the MI is compulsory.

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The Committee shall have the power to set membership subscription levels for the Club on an annual basis.

Membership fees will be due within 4 weeks from the AGM which will normally be held in September each year. The club year runs from the 1st of November to the end of October.

Potential Members can avail of 3 tester walks before making their decision on joining the club

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The Management of the Club shall be entrusted to the Club Committee, hereinafter referred to as "the Committee".


Current Chairperson 2020:

Noreen Fleming 0867945629

Current Secretary 2020:

Jackie Kelly 0861651809

The elected Officers of the Club shall be the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the PRO, the Training Officer and the Web Administrator hereinafter referred to as "the Officers".

Nominees for officers of the club shall be members of the club for not less than one full year.

Each officer shall retire his/her position at the end of each year.

Officers can offer themselves up for re-election but can only hold any one position for a Maximum period of 3 consecutive years.

In the event of two persons applying for the one position a general vote of members will take place.

Voting for the election of Officers shall take place at the AGM.


The Committee shall be composed of the Officers of the Club.

The Committee shall nominate a representative (or representatives) of the Club to attend Mountaineering Ireland meetings and represent the views of the Membership and vote on behalf of the Club.

The Chairperson of the Club will normally preside at and chair all meetings of the Committee (or Club) and shall be responsible for reporting to the Membership at the Club's AGM.

The Vice Chairperson is subordinate to the chairperson to serve the chair in the absence of the Chairperson or when a motion is being discussed involving the Chairperson.

The Club Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to Club affairs and for announcing Committee meetings, and the production and distribution of minutes from those meetings. The Secretary shall also be responsible for announcing the AGM, giving 14 days’ notice. The Secretary shall keep records about the Membership of the Club and shall report to Mountaineering Ireland the size of the Membership.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions and will account for any other income and expenditure made on behalf of the Club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of the membership subscription to Mountaineering Ireland and the Insurance premium.

The PRO is to maintain the public image of the club and to manage communication between the club and all forms of media.

The Training Officer is to work with members of the club to promote awareness of all recognized Mountaineering Ireland training courses and to implement training courses throughout the year. Liaise with Mountaineering Ireland training personal.

The Web Administrator shall be responsible for all adds moves and changes on the website and keeping news, walking schedule, and Photo Gallery pages up to date.

A quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be half of the elected voting members. In addition to the AGM the Committee shall hold at least two meetings each year for the purposes of preparing the Hillwalking programme and conducting any other business


This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of those present at an AGM. Notice of any amendment must be delivered to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM.


The Club can be dissolved by two thirds majority vote of eligible members present at a special meeting, whereupon the Committee will arrange to discharge any assets equally amongst nominated charities and groups e.g. Mountaineering Ireland, Environmental Defence Fund, Mountain Rescue etc.

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Chairperson 2020 : Noreen Fleming 0862230880
Secretary 2020: Jackie Kelly 0861651809

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